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April 12, 20184 min read

WooCommerce: More Is Available

Running a web shop is easy-peasy. Just upload a picture, write some description, and set the price, and people buy your product. At least, that’s how most of the people think about it.

A real e-commerce business needs more than just huddling things together, running some ads, and waiting for customers to spend thousands of dollars. The bad news is that you have to work more and optimize all the time.

Why WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is one of the most popular e-commerce technologies. According to BuiltWith’s statistics, 42% of websites using e-commerce technology are built on WooCommerce.

It is easy to set up and customizable, and a lot of free and paid extensions are available for it. It works the best with WordPress, which is the world’s most popular method for creating a website.

Connection Is Available

Plugins help you optimize your store, orders, and advertisements or give you some new design options for your online store. Now you can connect WooCommerce and AnswerMiner as well to dig deeper and get a more insightful analysis.

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How to Connect

Setting up the connection takes less than four minutes, and you do not have to write or paste codes or install any plugins. Before connecting, you will need to enable Rest API on your WooCommerce admin page (WooCommerce > Settings > API) and enable pretty permalinks (WooCommerce >Settings > Permalinks).

After that, log into your AnswerMiner account and connect WooCommerce by adding your website URL (AnswerMiner > Main menu > Connect data sources > WooCommerce). If you cannot connect your account, check if pop-up windows are allowed in your browser for – they are necessary for authentication purposes.

Analysis on a High Level

Even the smallest web shops have a large amount data collected. This data is the heart of your business and the key to current and future customers. You can analyze this collected data to find out what works and what does not in order to optimize all your business activities.

Without a good analytics tool, you are just scratching the surface. You must dig deeper to find meaningful relationships in your data that can drive your business in the right way. AnswerMiner offers tons of features, such as smart data view, correlation matrix and table, automatic charts, and prediction trees, that help you to get a more detailed analysis.

Let’s See an Example

Giving discounts to customers and their friends is still one of the most stimulating tools for purchases. However, seeing only the total revenue and given discount can mislead you. It is always better to break down the purchases by country, city, time, or gender.

time spent on website by country

Never follow your intuitions, thinking that, for example, men and women in every country or city used approximately the same number of coupons. If you do that, then you are just throwing away your money. A deeper analysis can show you the hidden facts – for example in Town A, more men used your coupon than women, or in Town B, just a few coupons were used.

The latter could be because your campaign was less successful there, or the people there tend to buy your product at full price. With this information, you can narrow down your customers more accurately and keep your campaign costs low the same number of buyers or more with a lower budget.

Another One

Payment methods and the time spent on the site before purchase are also important metrics in your business life. Finding the preferred payment and optimizing your checkout process are essential to reducing the time until purchase.

However, do not forget about your ads. Optimize and segment your target market to reach the best conversion rate. You can make special offers in different countries or cities depending on which payment methods people in those areas use most (credit card, bank transfer, or cash on delivery). By doing so, you can avoid many hesitaters who do not know how to pay and reduce the churn.

optimize check out, decrease churn

As an e-commerce retailer, you have already realized that many customers churn at the last stage. However, finding the critical time between adding the items to the cart and leaving the page or canceling the order is a key for offering these people a special price or extra item to persuade them to buy.

There are many more small things that can enhance your sales.

In the End

There are many ways that you can run your business, but always be sure that you analyze your collected data properly and make the best decision based on your results.

AnswerMiner helps you to discover your data easily and quickly in a new way. Never settle for the current results. Aspire the best, find new niches, and get the most out of your business.

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