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Amazon S3 is a cloud computing web service that you can use to store and retrieve any amount of data, at any time, from anywhere on the web. Analyzing this huge amount of data was not so easy so far. Thanks to AnswerMiner, you can connect your Amazon S3 data source easily to explore it in the fastest way.

Quick & easy connection

No installation or plugin needed.

Customized reports

Make your own report by choosing the relevant metrics.


Automatic charts help you to visualize the progress of your business.


Find meaningful correlations or discover hidden relations and make conclusions.

AnswerMiner pulls in your collected data from your Amazon S3 web server and gives you the power to explore your data in a new way. Find correlations in your data, get deeper insights, and make your analysis easier than ever. Do it like a data scientist without coding or extra knowledge.

less than 2 minutes

How to get started

1. Open your AnswerMiner account and connect AWS S3 (Main menu > Connect data sources)

2. Give the requested details (Acces key, Secret access key, Region, Bucket, Key)*

3. Connect

* If you need any help, click on the question mark next to the input field.
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