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Enhanced Mailchimp Analytics

Explore and visualize your MailChimp data in a new way that helps optimize your business. AnswerMiner gives small business owners the opportunity to analyze their data like a data scientist. Forget the traditional way. No coding or extra knowledge is needed to do your Mailchimp data analysis on the next level.

Quick & easy connection

No installation or plugin needed.

Best list

Analyze and find your best list to get the most out of your campaigns.


Automatic charts help you to visualize the progress of your business.

Narrow audience

Find your most engaged subscribers by country, device, or subscription type.

AnswerMiner pulls the data from your MailChimp’s lists and theirs merge fields and gives you the power to explore your data in a new way. Find out who are your best subscribers, find the countries with your most loyal customers, or which list makes the most sales for you. Keep pace with your competitors and put your data to work.

less than 2 minutes

How to get started

1. Open your AnswerMiner account and connect MailChimp (Main menu > Connect data sources)

2. Input the requested information (API key, List ID, Merge fields*)

3. Connect

* Use commas and no spaces to separate Merge fields.
API key: MailChimp > Profile > Extras
List ID: Select a list > Settings > List name and campaign defaults
Merge fields: Select a list > Settings > List fields and *l MERGE l* tags
-- OR --
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