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Enhanced WooCommerce Analytics

Do not bother anymore with exporting data and upload spreadsheets to analyze your web-shop. AnswerMiner directly connects to your WooCommerce account and imports your most relevant data.

Quick & easy connection

No installation or plugin needed.

Discounts that generate more

Forget guessing what works and what not. Learn more which coupons/discounts drive more traffic and generate conversions.

Refunded product

Find the most refunded products. Take action and enhance your sale.

Payment method

Learn which payment method is preferred and widely used. Optimize your checkout and reduce churn.

By using AnswerMiner you save hours and you will have more time for your business. Instead of using complex codes or struggling with spreadsheets, connect with a few steps and enjoy the fast exploration of your data, the automatic charts, and the user-friendly interface.

less than 4 minutes

How to get started

1. Open your WooCommerce account and enable REST API on your admin page (WooCommerce > Settings > API

2. Enable pretty permalinks (WooCommerce > Settings > Permalinks)

3. Open your AnswerMiner account and connect WooCommerce by adding your website’s URL (Main menu > Connect data sources)

* Before connecting you must allow pop-up windows on this site due to authentication purposes.
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