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Data-Driven Decision Making In Education

Whether you are an educator or a student, so much information is stored in your school data. AnswerMiner helps you extract meaningful information and analyze education statistics to get deeper insights with data visualization to support your decision-making, your studies and improve teaching and learning.

For schools and educators, our tool can be used to find out how students perform with each lesson plan, how to increase student retention, how to make enrollment data-driven, and more.

For students, AnswerMiner makes survey analysis easier, enhances research, helps them understand data analysis, and more.

Four Reasons You Need AnswerMiner

Use in Class

Make statistics and data science popular among students. As a teacher, you will be able to present statistics from a new perspective. Any student can use it without a programming or statistical background. They will enjoy learning statistics.


Easier Learning

You can easily analyze questionnaires or research reports. With one-click automatic charts, you can make unique presentations. It will be easier to understand statistics and data analysis quickly and simply—no wasted time or sleepless nights.


Data-Driven Institutions

Find out what really matters for students, how to reach them, and how to motivate them to choose your university. Discover students’ satisfaction reports, and find the most relevant factors. Analyze the graduation rate, improve the quality of education, and make your degrees more valuable in the labor market.


Multifunctional Platform

AnswerMiner is a multi-tool that combines data visualization, correlation matrices, and prediction models. All functions can be used without any extra knowledge or coding skills. Easy to teach, amusing to use.


Our world is changing quickly, and data is the fuel that provides power to this process. Not only students but also teachers and entire institutions need to be familiar with new technologies and development. That’s why AnswerMiner supports education systems where everybody can become comfortable with data.

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