Solution for Finance
Enhanced Decisions

Make Your Finance Data Analytics Easier

Finance is a crucial point in business, and it determines the operation of the company. Financial executives have to make decisions based on reports, analyses, and suggestions that other people have prepared for them.

AnswerMiner gets closer to the starting and ending points and gives managers the opportunity to make their own analyses. Why is that important? Because it allows you to cut down the time that is spent between the discovery of the problem and the decision-making and avoid the loss of information. You can react in time and more effectively to the questions that arise.

If you are working in the financial sector, you can understand your data easier and find hidden relations with the help of AnswerMiner. Find patterns in stock data, make credit assessments data-driven, or price the houses more accurately.

Four Reasons You Need AnswerMiner

The New Way

Our smart data view and automatic charts make your job faster and more effective than ever. Present complex financial data effectively and understand and drive insights. Find relations and use this knowledge to increase your profits.


Mitigate Risk

Mitigate risk by understanding your data. Be smart and data-driven. Analyze stock data with your team and discover hidden relations. With the prediction tree, you will be able to make predictions and make your company more successful.


Strategic Financial Decisions

If you work in accounting or controlling, then there is a feature for you that will help you make strategic financial decisions. See the most important facts on one page with smart data view to, see all columns relations with a relation map, and create charts in only one click. The correlation matrix gives you another perspective on your data. Finally, you can make predictions with the prediction tree.


Financial Planning

Collaborate with other departments and make your data work for you. Analyze your past data, find patterns, and forecast future trends. Optimize your expenses by finding where you can spend more and where you have to reduce the budget.


Time is money, and we know that you lack time. Don’t waste your time waiting for reports and analyses from other people. Take the reins and make your own analyses without coding or extra knowledge.

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