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AnswerMiner takes HR analytics to the next level. Based on the applicant’s data, our data analysis tool helps you find the best candidates to fill your vacant jobs and avoid unnecessary interviews. After all, make a report from the reached goals.

Finding suitable employees for a certain job is not only difficult but also time-consuming. And what about your current co-workers? You have to avoid the resignations of your best workers and have a discussion with them before they leave the company.

Don’t forget your current employees. Measure your employee satisfaction level, purpose, performance, and more and explore the data with AnswerMiner in a new way. Find the best employees to retain and filter out the weak points.

Four Reasons You Need AnswerMiner

Data-Driven Recruitment

Analyze job advertisements and interview reports to find the best candidate for the job. Make recruitment easier, faster, and more effective. Save time and target only relevant applicants.


Reduce Churn Rate

Understand and resolve issues on a case-by-case basis. By knowing your employees, you can decrease the churn rate. Find out why they are satisfied and identify their needs.


Enhanced HR Management

Make decisions by analyzing data and discovering relations. Improve your team with data-driven HR management and find the best way to motivate them. Utilize employee data and trend analysis to lead.


Optimize the Workplace

Plan your workforce wisely and make teamwork more effective between departments. Analyze your aggregated data and harmonize your teams.


How AnswerMiner Helps You Prevent Employee Resignation

Human resources is a cornerstone of every company’s life. The success or the failure of a business depends on its workers and how motivated they are. Build the company of the future based on your data and be sure you have the right colleagues on your team.

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